I provide counselling in weekly sessions; short-term up to six weeks, or long-term reviewed every six months. I am available for face to face meeting in Little Common, East Sussex or via Skype.

My training is in Existential Counselling and our work together would be about understanding you, in the way you respond to your unique life-difficulties. Although I have a lot of experience of working to manage or resolve mental health difficulties, we would approach each of these problems as an understandable response to experiences of trauma, relationship conflict and general uncertainty in life.

Existential Counselling is an effective means of finding balance in life. It can enable an unfolding of who you are, in an opening of your potential for growth and your ability to give meaning to your life.

I have set out below some questions and answers in relation to my counselling practice. If you have any further questions please do contact me, at

Counselling is provided at a cost of £75.00 per session. I can also offer some sessions to students and those in economic hardship at £50.00. I revise these fees annually in January.

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