How safe is it to share information with Counselling Psychologists?

The General Data Protection Regulation grants you certain rights over any data that is held in relation to you.  

I use computer-based technology to maintain records. However, I keep the minimum personal information; only that which is necessary for diary entries and the invoicing of assessment and counselling appointments. I also keep a record on the themes discussed in sessions, as a form of processing and formulation. These records are anonymised and, as far as possible, personally identifying information is excluded. Both of these forms of information are kept in encrypted files on a securely stored hard drive.

I will inform you of your rights regarding confidentiality, outlining certain limitations on those rights. Your right to access any data kept by me, regarding the service I provide to you, will be respected. You can exercise your right to rectification if you believe incorrect information has been recorded. Your to right to restrictions on the processing and portability of data, regarding you, will be respected, along with your right to object and to not be subject to automated decision-making including profiling. Records are kept for five years after counselling is concluded, and are then deleted.  

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