Existential Study Notes: Baggini

Drawn while reading Julian Baggini (2015) Freedom Regained: The Possibility of Free Will

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Sound bites

Free will, which has been made to appear so mysterious and elusive by philosophers and neuroscientists, is perfectly comprehensible and real if seen through the eyes of the creative artist (Baggini, 2015: 101).

I agree that Sartre is excessive in his claim. But he is onto something, namely that to be truly free as a human being requires more than the absence of constraint (Baggini, 2015: 108).

Because morality is essentially social problem-solving, different societies with different social problems have importantly different moralities (Baggini, 2015:132).

Believing the narrative that says we have no free will, that we are puppets of hidden causes beyond our consciousness, actually causes us to change our behaviour (Baggini, 2015: 150).